zondag 19 februari 2012

"Maximizing the impacts of your research"

Onlang liep ik tegen deze publicatie aan: Maximizing the impacts of your research : a handbook for social scientists. Met de bijeenkomst “How to write a world class paper” in gedachte, trok deze titel natuurlijk meteen mijn aandacht.
De publicatie (Consultation draft 3) is van de LSE Public Policy Group en een resultaat van het project Impact of Social Sciences. In het project werkte de London School of Economics samen met de University of Leeds en het Imperial College London.

Uit het voorwoord:
"The whole point of social science research is to achieve academic impact by advancing your discipline, and (where possible) by having some positive influence also on external audiences - in business, government, the media, civil society or public debate.
This Handbook […] will help researchers achieving a more professional and focused approach to their research from the outset. It provides a large menu of sound and evidence-based advice and guidance on how to ensure that your work achieves its maximum visibility and influence with both academic and external audiences".

Titels van de negen hoofdstukken:
  • What shapes the citing of academic publications?
  • Knowing your strengths: using citation tracking systems
  • Key measures of academic influence
  • Getting better cited
  • The origins and patterning of external research impacts
  • Is there an impacts gap from academic work to external impacts? How might it have arisen? How might it be reduced?
  • Understanding how researchers achieve external impacts
  • Understanding, tracking and comparing external impacts for organizations
  • Expanding external research impacts