zondag 18 oktober 2009

Guide to misunderstandings Open Access

Ik heb er vrijdag lang naar gezocht, maar niet kunnen vinden. Thuis bleek ik gelukkig toch nog een printje te hebben liggen van A field guide to misunderstandings about open access van Peter Suber. Ik ga ze hier alle vijfentwintig noemen:

“All OA is gold OA.”
“Low levels of spontaneous self-archiving reflect opposition to OA.”
“OA archiving will kill journal subscriptions.”
“OA is about bypassing peer review.”
“OK, then, but OA journals skimp on peer review.”
“OK, then, but at least *green* OA is about bypassing peer review.”
“OA is about punishing greedy or obstructive publishers.”
“OA journals couldn’t possibly pay their bills.”
“OA is a business model.”
“All OA journals charge publication fees.”
“OK, then. But all *high-quality* OA journals charge publication fees.”
“Publication fees at OA journals must be paid by authors out of pocket.”
“Publication fees at OA journals are just subscriptions in disguise.”
“OA deprives authors of royalties.”
“Preprint archiving violates copyright.”
“Postprint archiving violates copyright.”
“Self-archiving takes too much time.”
“Self-archiving hides work more than it exposes work.”
“OA invites plagiarism.”
“Authors must choose between prestigious publication and OA.”
“OA helps readers but not authors.”
“All OA is gratis OA.”
“OA is about providing access to lay readers.”
“OA makes sense for second-rate work, but not for first-rate work.”
“The current system is not broken.”

Elke misvatting kent een aantal varianten. Deze varianten en natuurlijk een beschrijving van de ontkrachting van de misvattingen kun je lezen in:
SPARC Open Access Newsletter, Issue #132 - April 2, 2009 - by Peter Suber

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